A complete range of high end materials

Oktober 2020

Meet our brand new range of closed-cell EVA and EVA/blended foam materials. Available in a wide range of colors, hardnesses, densities and blends to provide a high quality material solution for nearly every applications in the production of orthotic devices and orthopedic footwear.

Material segments:
Lifting materials
Shock absorbers
Cover materials
Cushioning materials
Milling blocks

Would you like to find out more?
We’re happy to send you a sample collection that includes all variations.

New Durafit Ceramic Colors

September 2020

At many request, we have expanded the Durafit Ceramic color range. Beside the classic Durafit Ceramic black we offer two new exclusive colors:

• Durafit Ceramic Ivory
• Durafit Ceramic Grey

Request our Durafit Ceramic sample box with the two new colors and convince yourself of the added value!

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