Frecoma is a Dutch based supplier of products and components for the orthopedics and (shoe) industry with customers all over Europe. At the moment we are working on our English company website which will be soon available. In the meantime you can visit the product websites of some of our innovations or browse our Dutch website to get an impression of our complete range of products for the orthopedics and shoe industry.
And of course you are very welcome to contact us by mail or phone if you want more information.

Duralite: innovative thermoplastic composite

Duralite is a thermoplastic composite material. The high fibre volume brings exceptional stability and material stiffness. The homogeneous material is easy to process and is available in a wide selection of Sheets and Components. For more information visit the Duralite website.

Durafit: 100% breathable microfiber

Durafit is a 100% breathable microfiber with the appearance of genuine leather. It has a moisture absorbing capacity of 8 times its own weight. It provides maximum comfort, total dryness and thermoregulation. Durafit is available in more than 40 colors. For more information visit the Durafit website.

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